Rural Sanitation and Environ-education Organization (RUSEO)

RUSEO is the legal community-based organization (CBO) which is located in Mlola ward within Lushoto District. Our target area are all internal/peripheral places of Lushoto District. The organization deals with several activities within the target area including mobilizing and promoting environmental hygiene and Sanitation, biodiversity restoration through tree plants, environmental education and awareness, entrepreneurship skills friendly with the nature.

Not only that but also, we provide a links between local society and foreigners humanitarian supports. We Join our hands together to support based on these aspects;


Our organisation provides a link for personal support and institutions which interested in helping the local society and households to afford their basic needs like clothes shoes and peds to girls

School Renovaions and Furnitures

This organisation provides a legitimate link between local society and foreigners educational supports like funding for classes renovation and buying furniture's. Not only that but also we sometimes prepare gifts to promote students with good pass like pens, counterbooks schooluniform.

Special Needs

Our organisation provides support to those disabled people and special groups like disabled chairs, byscle, disabled toilet fercilities and amongs

Agricultural seeds

Our organisation is also promoting agricultural activities within the target area by providing several agricultural fercilities to the local households so the can afford their basic needs. The agricultural fercilities provided includes; maize seeds, fertilisers and other among.

Trees Planted

Hectares Restored

Villages Reached

Happy Families


Environmental Conservation Awareness

Our organization deals with Provision of education to people by explaining deeply about why it’s important to preserve their environment. The education provided is based on explanation about merits of environmental; Conservation, Hygiene, Sanitation. As well as demerits of environmental degradation and poor hygiene.
Not only that but also, we provide a relevant entrepreneurship skill which will not affect the natural biodiversity of the target area. ie establishing vegetables gardens rather than burning the charcoal through deformation activities.

Biodiversity Restoration

Our organization deals with preserving and returning the lost Biodiversity of the target area by not only planting trees but also providing relevant environmental education to local people which will favor the natural ecosystem. The target area is Lushoto District especially interior places like Mlola subdivision.

Environmental hygiene and sanitization.

Our organization is also deals with Toilet building and renovation through mobilizing and promoting the local society in the significance of using standard toilets. We use to offer some materials and technical support to those local household so they can afford to have and use standard toilets in order to prevent eruption of disease like cholera and typhoid. The target area are the rural areas of Lushoto District

Why Us


Focused and awared society about environmental control.

Our organisation focuses to play great role in community capacity building and improved awareness over the issues of the nature through our seminars and workshops. Through these strategies we hope that will have the local society with positive ideology concerning the environmental issues which may be good argent on protecting the natural ecosystem. Hence it will be easy for making the world a better place for us and other speceies of living organisms.


Restored and preserved biodiversity.

Our organization focuses on planting several species of trees and carefully managing its survival so as it makes forest as well as homes of the lost species of insects, animals, birds and plants. Furthermore, we hope that through this plan we will succeed to restore the lost natural beauty of our world in the target area by switching the ecosystem takes place again in the presence of flora and fauna.


Safe society from poor hygiene related diseases.

Our focus is also to ensure that we help the local household in preventing themselves from eruption of disease like cholera and typhoid through toilet building and renovation from local/poor toilet systems to the standard level. We are very committed to make sure that we bring about change in several manners i.e.; the toilet room over septic tank to the separate of each, toilet with no air pipe to the toilet with it, toilet with no roof to the toilet with roof, as well as other among features of standard toilets.
Hence this will result to the improved standard of living among the household beneficiaries.


The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different..

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  • Environmental Awareness
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Environmental Hygiene & Sanitization

Environmental Hygiene & Sanitization

Mr. Hussein standing infront of the poor old toilet to be rebuilt

Biodiversity Conservation

Four years matured eucalyptus trees

Biodiversity Conservation

Community clearing the bushes for tree planting

Environmental Awareness

Mr. Hussein educating elders on environmental issues

Environmental Hygiene & Sanitation

Mr. Hussein together with Mr. Miraji standing on the finished toilet chamber with one of the beneficiaries of the project

Environmental Hygiene & Sanitization

Toilet chamber on progress being constructed

Environment Hygiene & Sanitization

Mr.Hussein standing on One of the finished toilet chamber

Environment Awareness

One of our Donors exchanging ideas with the beneficiaries

Biodiversity Conservation

Planting of vegetables for food security

Environmental Hygiene & Sanitization

Our technicians constructing a toilet for the family

Biodiversity Conservation

Mr. Miraji the Project Coordinator ready for seed distribution to farmers

Biodiversity Conservation

Mr. Hussein watering a fruit tree

Environmental Awareness

Mr. Miraji Project coordinator educating women on green economy

Boidivesity Conservation

Mr. Hussein the CEO ready for seed distribution to farmers

Boidivesity Conservation

Our Accountacy Mr. Bakari double checking records for fair and equal seed distrbution to famers


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Hussein Amiri Mkwizu

Chief Executive Officer

Miraji Hamza Mahanyu

Project Coordinator

Bakari Sadick Mahanyu


Ashura Athumani Kibindo

Project Supervisor

Hamisi Rashidi Sangoda

Construction Technician

Shahida Saidi Mustapha

Planting Officer

Mariam Hakim Mwambashi

Planting Officer


You can reach US through


Usagara street, Mlola,Lushoto-Tanzania